Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Get Well Note

The other day Curious George came home from church and told us that he wanted to write a card for someone. One of the kids in his church class told him that her Mommy was sick so C.G. had decided to write a card for her. It came as a bit of a surprise since it was kind of random, but he did it and Brandon took him to drop it off at their house that afternoon.

Well, the other day the girl's Mom came to our house with a thank you note for C. She told me how happy his card had made her feel that day. She said that she had had a very hard week and his card came at a time when she really needed it. She said that it is hanging on her fridge and every time she looks at it, it makes her happy.

I still smile inside about this experience and it has taught me that these children can be instruments in the hands of God to bless other people. They are often so much more in tune with promptings from the spirit than we are. It also has taught me that even simple things that we do, that we think really don't matter, can bless other people's lives. Curious George's favorite primary song has been "I'm trying to be like Jesus" for a while now. We sing it for every family night and many times in between. He loves to sing it at the top of his lungs! :) I'm so proud of him for trying to be like Jesus and doing this simple thing that made his friend's mom so happy.

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