Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Fun

Not all days bring joy. Some days feel like they have brought with them everything but joy, but I think it's important to look for the joy, in spite of the trials that come. I'll try to look past those things for a minute and tell you about the joys we're having in our life right now.

Yesterday we went and ran errands (which is usually a difficult thing me by myself with the two boys) and we had hardly any trouble. The boys were as good as gold. We even went to the local splash pad and spent a few hours enjoying the sun. We had a grand time.

The boys finished up swimming lessons this week and it was so fun to see them progressing. Even little Jesse Bear can swim on his own a little bit, which I'm so happy about. Curious George feels very confident in the water and swims on his own pretty well.

We've gone on a few family bike rides lately and I have to tell you, family bike rides are one of my most favorite things to do together. I love spending time out in nature as I family and I love riding bikes.

Curious George has spent a lot of the summer reading, which he loves. He's finished most of the books in his favorite series so we're on the look out for a new one. He loves adventure and mystery books and here's a few of his favorite series so far.

Here's a few more of my favorite things:

Summer BBQ's, working in the garden, eating fresh peas and strawberries and lettuce from our garden, playing softball with the boys in our yard, working on projects, walking with the boys to the library, exercising each morning, cooking lots of new recipes, homemade icecream, eating yummy summer fruits and more!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Humanitarian Service

In our area, some women are pooling together their resources to put together projects that go to various humanitarian needs in our community, our nation and even the world. I just got back from a 2-day long activity where we worked on these projects and learned more about them. They include things like making leper bandages for lepers in India and other nations, knitting hats for cancer patients and newborn babies (and preemie's), making file folder games for countries where they need educational materials and more. There were eight projects total.

I loved the spirit of the activity, especially the fact that we were all working together in a common cause - to help those around the world that need it so badly. There were teachers and learners and some who just came to participate. I came prepared to learn how to knit and I finished three rows of my first knitted hat! I'm excited to knit and crochet and put together what I can of the other projects as well.
I love this video that they showed at the activity. I think it really shows each of us can do more than we do to help other people. If this little 6-year-old boy can raise enough money for a wheelchair ($86), we can all give a little more than we do. Here's a link to the whole story. I think it's wonderful that this little boy is already making such a big difference in the world, and cares so much about giving to others.

Here's a link where you can donate to the humanitarian effort of the church. The nice thing about donating through the LDS church is that there are no administrative fees. The program is run solely through volunteers and 100% of the donated money goes to those that really need it. Even just a dollar or two really makes a difference. But just think about it, for only $86 you can buy a wheelchair and give a disabled person access to independence, education, and self-reliance.

I know that when we give of our hearts, we're actually doing what the Savior would do if he were here on the earth. I believe all of us can give, no matter how little or how much we have. It touches my heart that people who have so little are often willing to give so much. If you're interested in learning more about these projects like those that we've been doing in our area, here's a link to some patterns that you can make and donate to the LDS church's humanitarian effort. All of us can do a little more than we do to serve those around us, near and far.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Blind Man

I love the story of Christ healing the blind man in the new testament (John 9:1–17, 35–38 ), but this made it even better for me. The other day is our three-year-old described the story to us as he had understood it from his sunbeams class at church.

J: "Do you know what to do when you are blind?"

Me: "No, what do you do?"

J: "You go get some play dough and put it on your eyes and touch your eyes like this."

He puts both hands over his eyes.

J: "And then you can see. And if you don't do that, you can't see and then you run into things."

He proceeds to demonstrate by running into the couch with his eyes closed.

I should mention that afterward we did discuss the difference between play dough and clay, thanks to C.G. And we were able to clarify a bit that it wasn't the clay that healed the blind man, it was Jesus and His power. :) But it sure was cute.

More cuteness...
We've been learning "Praise to the Man" in primary (and having a really hard time with the Jr. primary, may I add). The other day I overheard J singing it and couldn't stop laughing.

"Craze to the commandments immuned with Jehovah!"

If you think about all the hard words in that song, it really is no surprise!

Aren't kids fun?!?!