Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Fun

Not all days bring joy. Some days feel like they have brought with them everything but joy, but I think it's important to look for the joy, in spite of the trials that come. I'll try to look past those things for a minute and tell you about the joys we're having in our life right now.

Yesterday we went and ran errands (which is usually a difficult thing me by myself with the two boys) and we had hardly any trouble. The boys were as good as gold. We even went to the local splash pad and spent a few hours enjoying the sun. We had a grand time.

The boys finished up swimming lessons this week and it was so fun to see them progressing. Even little Jesse Bear can swim on his own a little bit, which I'm so happy about. Curious George feels very confident in the water and swims on his own pretty well.

We've gone on a few family bike rides lately and I have to tell you, family bike rides are one of my most favorite things to do together. I love spending time out in nature as I family and I love riding bikes.

Curious George has spent a lot of the summer reading, which he loves. He's finished most of the books in his favorite series so we're on the look out for a new one. He loves adventure and mystery books and here's a few of his favorite series so far.

Here's a few more of my favorite things:

Summer BBQ's, working in the garden, eating fresh peas and strawberries and lettuce from our garden, playing softball with the boys in our yard, working on projects, walking with the boys to the library, exercising each morning, cooking lots of new recipes, homemade icecream, eating yummy summer fruits and more!

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