Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I've learned from my Kindergartener

If your plate matches the person's next to you, you must be best friends.
If your plate AND cup match the person's next to you, you must be BEST, BEST friends.
If your plate and cup AND spoon match the person's next to you, you must be BEST, BEST, BEST friends.
If your plate, cup, spoon and straw match, well then you're pretty much inseparable.
The yellow stuff that comes out of your ear is because you eat too much yellow food.
If you punch holes in paper airplanes, it makes them go faster because the air can go through and push them.
Burger King is actually called King Burger
And Finally....
Your popularity status for the day is determined by the number of teeth you have that wiggle.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Research

I've decided although I scrapbook occasionally, I'm really not a "scrapbook-er". And although I craft occasionally, I'm really not a "craft-er". And although I sew occasionally, I'm really not a "sewer". So what am I? This has been kind of a difficult one for me because I don't necessarily fall into a socially accepted category for stay-at-home mothers. But I'm a researcher none-the-less! I love to do research. It's thrilling to me. I've been really excited about some of my research that I've been doing lately.

First, I've been researching my family history. I'm especially excited about it because we are planning a trip to Wales, the land where many of these people lived that I'm researching. I'm compiling lists of parishes in Wales that I want to see. It probably doesn't sound very exciting to you to comb cemeteries looking for lost ancestors, but to me it sounds like a grand adventure. I'm specifically going there looking for 5 lost children. We have a letter that tells about one of my ancestors who had 9 children. It even tells us that there are 3 girls and 6 boys in the family. I know the names of the parents and 4 of the children (from the census records). But the other 5 children we have no record of, except that letter. Sounds like an exciting mystery, huh? :) I personally believe that these children must have died in childhood so I plan on combing the cemeteries looking for them. I can't wait to see what turns up!

And speaking of the trip, it's given me an excuse for yes, more research. I've been researching places in England and Wales that we want to visit and creating documents to help us on our trip. Thrilling. Yes it is. I can't wait!

I also love to do research on things that will help my living family. One of my favorites is of course health and nutrition. You would know that especially if you've seen my other blog. I love to research new recipes, new and improved ways of sneaking healthy food into my families diet, and new methods of cutting out unhealthy habits and starting new ones. This research also includes gardening, food preservation, food storage and provident and simple living.

I like to research fun family activities. We love doing things together as a family and are always looking for more ideas. Some of our latest family activities have included kite flying (which is pretty good exercise by the way), riding bikes and building a garden shed.

I also teach piano you might know. And I love music. Sometimes I research teaching methods, ideas and of course music.

Well that's about all I can think of right now. I'm sure there's more. It seems most things that pop up in life are an excuse to do research to find out about them and how you can improve your live and the lives of those around you.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

This makes me smile

I love looking out my window in the springtime and seeing this. It makes me smile.
Crocuses have got to be one of my favorite flowers! They are so friendly and cheerful! I love that they are the first flowers out of the ground, like they just can't wait to bloom for us to enjoy.
We had to say goodbye to our chickens and duck this week. We were sad to see them go. We found out that our city does not allow them, so we sold them to a guy who lives in a neighboring city that does allow them. We will miss the fresh eggs, the built-in chore for curious george, and the friendly companionship. I will not miss stepping in chicken and duck droppings and enforcing the said chore.

Curious George was sad. He cried. I explained to him about finding out about the city law and all, but he still cried. I knew he would. It broke my heart. Soon after he wrote on his list that hangs on the refrigerator what he wants:
I don't know. I DO NOT KNOW! Am I ready for that one, yet?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Stand for the Right

To all the primary choristers out there. Here's a video I created for the song "Stand for the Right" that we are learning in primary this month. This video has clips of Thomas S. Monson speaking in general conference. Also it has the song playing with pictures. I used pictures from a .pdf posted by Catherine Fredericksen on the yahoo primary music group - Thank you for those! Hope this is helpful!

If you want to download the movie, here's a link that may be helpful:
I guess if you download "RealPlayer", it will give you the option to download the movie.