Thursday, March 10, 2011

This makes me smile

I love looking out my window in the springtime and seeing this. It makes me smile.
Crocuses have got to be one of my favorite flowers! They are so friendly and cheerful! I love that they are the first flowers out of the ground, like they just can't wait to bloom for us to enjoy.
We had to say goodbye to our chickens and duck this week. We were sad to see them go. We found out that our city does not allow them, so we sold them to a guy who lives in a neighboring city that does allow them. We will miss the fresh eggs, the built-in chore for curious george, and the friendly companionship. I will not miss stepping in chicken and duck droppings and enforcing the said chore.

Curious George was sad. He cried. I explained to him about finding out about the city law and all, but he still cried. I knew he would. It broke my heart. Soon after he wrote on his list that hangs on the refrigerator what he wants:
I don't know. I DO NOT KNOW! Am I ready for that one, yet?

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