Friday, June 3, 2011

Blind Man

I love the story of Christ healing the blind man in the new testament (John 9:1–17, 35–38 ), but this made it even better for me. The other day is our three-year-old described the story to us as he had understood it from his sunbeams class at church.

J: "Do you know what to do when you are blind?"

Me: "No, what do you do?"

J: "You go get some play dough and put it on your eyes and touch your eyes like this."

He puts both hands over his eyes.

J: "And then you can see. And if you don't do that, you can't see and then you run into things."

He proceeds to demonstrate by running into the couch with his eyes closed.

I should mention that afterward we did discuss the difference between play dough and clay, thanks to C.G. And we were able to clarify a bit that it wasn't the clay that healed the blind man, it was Jesus and His power. :) But it sure was cute.

More cuteness...
We've been learning "Praise to the Man" in primary (and having a really hard time with the Jr. primary, may I add). The other day I overheard J singing it and couldn't stop laughing.

"Craze to the commandments immuned with Jehovah!"

If you think about all the hard words in that song, it really is no surprise!

Aren't kids fun?!?!


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