Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ten Years

Wow this was a marathon week.

On Monday C.G. started first grade. He has a sweet teacher and we're really excited for him. He loves it so much. He's been so excited to go every day. He fell down and got a scrape on his knee on Wednesday, but other than that, he had a great first week of school.

Tuesday was our 10th anniversary!! We celebrated with a bike ride (about 10 miles) up to where we got engaged and back. It was fun. We brought J.B. with us (C was in school) and he had fun. Afterward we went to a fun little place and got quinoa burgers and pie shakes....mmmhh!
We've also had 2 trips to the temple, 2 soccer games and a soccer practice, back to school night, several trips out to eat to celebrate various occasions :), I canned 14 jars of tomatoes, made salsa, squash muffins, piano lessons, 2 trips to the library, on top of everything! Crazy life! But fun! Love this time of year! So much to celebrate! So much transition and change. The garden is producing like crazy! Corn, tomatoes, squash, yum, yum, yum!


LeMira said...

Just love your new header picture! Congrats on 10 years!! I love that picture of you two, and I'm so glad to hear that everything has gone well, despite the whirlwind week.

JanaLu said...

Yes, congratulations on your 10 years. I love your heartfelt writing and especially the myriad of SQUASH in your kitchen... the squash are too cute to look subversive, but I wonder what that would feel like, to be surrounded by such a yield. Thanks for your great example of gratefulness, too.