Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Resolutions are Important

Well, I just got back from vacation and with that and Christmas the house is in a complete uproar! But I'm taking a break from cleaning it for a minute to think about my New Year's Resolutions. I love this time of year. I love to evaluate areas where I can improve and set goals for the next year. I'm like most of you and only consistently keep my resolutions for a few weeks (or days maybe). But I feel like the process of making and trying to reach goals is important even if we're not always successful in keeping them. In the evaluating process, we stand back and look at the way we are living and see if it's in accordance with the way we'd like to be living. Then we try to make up the difference through the goals that we set. That process allows us to at the very least become aware of the ways we can change, even if we don't always consistently change every day. As long as we stand back and evaluate often enough (and probably once a year isn't enough) and progress a little bit every time we do, then we'll stay on the path to reach our goals.

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Fern said...

I never seem to get around to resolutions... at least not for the new year. We are very goal oriented. We're constantly making and (for the most part) achieving our goals throughout the year.

But good for you guys, making resolutions. If only more people would try to better themselves! Who knows, maybe those resolutions will stick this year :)