Monday, January 5, 2009

Family History Facebook

I'm going to throw this idea out there. Maybe some of you have already thought of it. We recently got back from a family reunion and a large part of it emphasized family history. So I've been thinking in that mode lately. I was on facebook the other day trying to find some of my cousins and I had this idea for a family history facebook. It could be set up in the same way as facebook with individuals and friends, but you could also submit names of your ancestors and all of their data. Then people could connect with their ancestors in a similar way that you connect with friends on social networking sites like facebook! I haven't come up with a solution for duplicated ancestors...that's always an issue when dealing with things like this. But you could chat with live friends about family history finds and post them on your "wall" and form family groups and pedigrees and family trees and wow! The possibilities are endless. I don't know...maybe something like this already exists! :) I don't know much about some of the family history sites that cost money (maybe one of those has something similar), but I think this would need to be free like facebook to be successful. So...what do you think?

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Fern said...

Ingenius! I'd join... if it was free:)