Monday, January 26, 2009

Jesse Bear’s Baby

For Christmas a neighbor gave us this beautiful board book illustrating the song, “Mary did you know?” and the CD by Kenny Rogers & Wynonna Judd. The song is about Mary the mother of Jesus. It asks her if she knew that her baby would walk on water, save, deliver, give sight, calm the storm and rule the nations. J.B. calls the book his “baby.” From the very first time that he heard the song and looked at the pictures, he loved it. We played the song several times on the trip to Arizona to calm him down when he was fussy. Sometimes I sing it to him when I rock him to sleep. Almost immediately on hearing it, he calms down and listens. He loves to look at the pictures. Sometimes I see him turning the pages and softly cooing to himself "baby." It’s the only book he really enjoys to read with me. It’s so interesting (but not surprising) that little children learn so quickly to recognize and learn the name of Jesus and reverence Him.

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