Thursday, May 28, 2009

Circus Fun!

Today Curious George and I made a circus! It all started out when I found a picture of a circus tent. We each colored one and then I thought it would be fun to mount it on cardboard. The idea snowballed from there and before we knew it we had decorated big top with a fancy piece of wrapping paper and streamers. The next step was creating the tightrope (a couple of suspended ribbons) and circus ring (the inside cardboard from a masking tape roll). His little rubber animals were the performers and one of the plastic firemen ended up making a perfect ringmaster. C.G. figured out that the plastic dog could perform a great act by balancing on the tightrope by his toes. With a little help, he could even do a flip and land on his feet. The pterodactyl was another high wire performer, sliding down the wire with the greatest of ease. Some animals performed atop a toilet paper roll with amazing skill and balance. Others used the toilet paper roll as a tunnel. C.G came up with the idea to suspend some animals from the tightrope so we made little seats out of egg cartons for them to slide down the tightrope in. All of these acts and more were performed in our circus, the greatest show on earth! When the circus was over and time for the animals to go to sleep, we realized that we would need some cages for them. We quickly remodeled some empty food cartons so they would have a place to sleep. Here are some pictures of our amazing circus.

The Big Top and Animal Cages
Close-up View of the Big Top
Close-up View of the Animal Cages
Side-View of the Big Top with the Flying Pterodactyl
Front View of the Tent Opening with a Tunnel for the Opening ParadeWe had a great time. When Jesse Bear woke up from his nap he realized he had missed out on something and was upset so I had to make him a few animal cages as well. Before he went to bed, C.G. informed me that I'll need to make J.B. a circus tomorrow. So I guess the fun will continue! Hurray for recycling!

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Trisha said...

What a fun and clever project! And a great memory making day. I can also see you shop at Wal Mart! Lol!