Monday, April 27, 2009

Goodbye Grandma

Today was my Grandmother's funeral. Isn't she adorable? She died last week of "old age." She was 91. As the family gathered for the family prayer and closing of the casket, the man conducting asked if there was anyone who would like to come up and say their last goodbyes before they closed the casket. A few family members moved forward, but it was completely silent. All of a sudden my three-year-old nephew broke the silence with words that we all wished we had said, "Goodbye Grandma. Goodbye. Goodbye Great-Grandma."

I said my goodbyes to her the last time I saw her alive. I told her I loved her. She squeezed my hand and smiled. She has the most beautiful smile. "I love you," she said. I didn't know that would be my last time seeing her in this life, but something told me to capture that memory and I did. I hope that I will always remember.

It's hard when someone you love passes on. You miss them because they are no longer with you. I appreciated the Bishop who spoke at the funeral. He quoted a scripture, D&C 42:45 which says, "Thou shalt live together in love, inasmuch as thou shalt weep for the loss of them that die." He explained that it's okay to weep when someone dies. We don't weep because we believe that's the end. But we weep because we miss them being with us and we shed tears of gratitude for their life and their teachings.

My Grandma taught me many things. She was not a perfect person, but the thing that I admire most about her was her faith. She had an unwavering faith. I remember many times sitting next to her holding her hand. She'd ask me about something going on in my life and I'd tell her of some troubles I was having. She'd squeeze my hand and smile and say, "I'll pray for you." I knew she would. And I knew that everything would work out. Her prayers were heard. She knew that and I knew it.

I know that I'll see my Grandma again. I know that although her body lies in a grave now, her spirit is alive as ever. I know that in the resurrection, her body and spirit will be reunited, never to be separated again. I'm so grateful for that.

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