Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Trip to England & Wales Part IV

Back again...

On Sunday (Actually it was Easter Sunday) we had a wonderful breakfast on the china tea set that they brought us at the hotel. We felt very English :). Of course we didn't have tea (we don't drink it), but we enjoyed milk, muffins and fruit that we had bought at the grocery store the night before.
After that we began our long walk to church (I think it was 2 or so miles - a bit uncomfortable in my non-walking shoes). We made it about an hour before the meeting started so we decided to go to the Natural History Museum which was right across the street. We figured it'd be a good thing to do on a Sunday since it was free and we could study about "things that are in the earth, and upon the earth ". :)

The museum had this really cool escalator that took us up through the middle of the "earth".
Here's just a few of the pictures we took inside the museum.

After that we went to church and enjoyed the wonderful meetings there. The people were very friendly and really made us feel welcome. Here's a picture of the LDS chapel in London.
After that we went to the Science museum to study more about "things that were above the earth". It was also free and right next to the museum of natural history. Here's a few pics of that.
Then we walked back to our hotel. Here's a little tiny car we found on the way.We stopped and went inside this beautiful church - we actually wanted to go to a singing service in one of the cathedrals to hear the lovely music, but they were all during our church block.
So instead we went back to our hotel and had a rather quiet evening. It was actually really nice after our busy week.

Monday morning we got up and rode bikes over to Portabello road. We got there a little early before most of the shops had even opened, but we found some yummy waffles and crepes for breakfast. The waffles we got at a wafflemeister shop - they had strawberries, whipped cream and belgian chocolate drizzled on the top...yum!
The crepes had strawberries and nutella - they were really good too.
We bought a few souvenirs on Portabello rode and then biked over to Paddington station. We mostly just wanted to see it, but while we were there we found some sausage rolls that came highly recommended that we picked up for lunch.
From there we rode over to Picadilly circus and Trafalgar square.

Then we walked by St. Martins in the field chapel and they happened to be having a piano concert right then so we got to go listen to it. It was a lovely setting and the music was beautiful.
After the concert we rode bikes to covent garden where they had lots of street performers and stuff. It was a fun place to walk around and see. Here's an opera singer that was doing a performance. He was good! There were also unicycle riders and other more humorous performers. There was this old man singing and playing the guitar.
Brandon gave a little performance of his own.We also went inside the royal opera house - which was beautiful. Sorry for the blurry picture
I guess I haven't mentioned the royal wedding. Yes we were there the same week, but we left 2 days before. There were a lot of this decorated for it and stuff. Here's an example - this building was wrapped up like a present.
After that we rode bikes/walked to waterloo station and then over to the borough market. Unfortunately by the time we got to borough market it was after 5:00 and those places kind of shut down at 5:00. We ended up riding on 2 different bike stretches (about an hour of riding) back to our hotel and then another bike ride over to Taza's again where we ate for dinner. We also visited the same delicious gelato shop for our last enjoyable gelato in London.

As you can tell our days in London were completely and utterly exhausting. We walked/rode bikes the whole time, but it was a blast. There's so much we were able to see that I never would be able to include it all on this blog, but this gives you the highlights at least. Well that's all for now. I think the next post will be my final one for our trip. Sorry if you are already bored!!! :0)

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Lisa said...

How could anyone be bored it is fabulous. I am so excited you got to go. What a fun memory you will have forever!