Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How Prop 8 may affect other States

How will Prop 8 affect states other than California?

Here is a some quotes from a newsletter published by the Sutherland Institute, a conservative public policy think tank had a public forum on Tuesday, October 14th. It talks about how Prop 8 will affect Utah specifically, but I think it applies to all of us. For more information on their forum see their web site:

"California's Proposition 8 matters to Utah because what happens in California won't stay in California," Duncan said.

"During his presentation, Duncan outlined specific reasons why California matters to Utahns:

1. Letting a handful of California judges get away with redefining marriage sets a bad precedent for other states.
2. The cultural impact of a redefinition of marriage cannot be confined to one state.
3. Same-sex couples who marry in California can go to other states and have standing to challenge other states' marriage laws in federal court.
4. All Americans should be concerned that our most populous state might endorse the idea that children don't need a mother and father and that those who believe they do should be treated as bigots."

"LaVar Christensen...said it is the birthright of every boy and girl to be welcomed into the world by a mother and a father. Christensen also spoke critically of the California State Supreme Court that created "out of thin air" the right for same-sex couples to legally marry and overturned the will of 4.6 million voters because they felt the shifting demands of society warranted the change."

"'The rights of man' that are being discussed and debated 'come not from generosity of the state,'" Christensen said, quoting John F. Kennedy, "'but from the hand of God.'"

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