Sunday, October 12, 2008

Proposition 8

We support Proposition 8 in California. Here are a few reasons why:
  • Proposition 8 seeks to define marriage as between one man and one woman. We believe that this traditional institution of marriage and the family is the basis of a stable and healthy society.
  • We think it is essential that the basic rights of all American citizens, including those who profess homosexuality as a way of life, be preserved. In California, homosexual couples already have the same rights that heterosexual couples do. Passing Proposition 8 will not take away any of those rights. If proposition 8 does not pass, the rights of those that do believe in the traditional institution of marriage will likely be infringed upon. Just two of the likely effects are: church's could lose the freedom to teach about and perform traditional marriages as a standard, and public schools will be required to teach children about homosexual relationships. For more information about the likely results if proposition 8 does not pass see: and
  • Along with protecting the traditional family, the foundation of society, there is another important principle at stake. The majority of Californians already voted a number of years ago to define marriage as between one man and one woman. Four liberal judges chose to overturn that vote, thus Californians are being asked to vote on it again. This movement not only seeks to destroy the sacred institution of the family, it also seeks to take power out of the hands of the American people and put it into the hands of the few in high government offices.
  • California has historically been a weather vane of political things to come in the rest of the country. Even though this proposition is not on the ballots in the state that we live in, we believe that it is important to be involved in supporting it. If this proposition does not pass in California this year, it is likely that other states around the country will eventually follow suit.
What are your thoughts? The links listed above have some helpful ways that you can become involved in supporting Proposition 8. Does anyone have other ideas on how to become involved?


NoSurfGirl said...

I completely agree with the above. I have a hard time with this issue because I have known many wonderful people who have chosen alternative lifestyles, but... I believe marriage must be defined as between a man and woman. And I completely agree that, whatever happens in California, the more liberal states in the nation will soon follow.

B&H said...

Yes, we respect those people who believe differently and have chosen alternative lifestyles as well.