Friday, March 6, 2009

Cute Moments

Well, we all thought it was spring, but I guess we were all fooled because the snow has decided to come again. That's okay with me. I was enjoying the Spring weather, but we need the snow too. Our crocuses were just beginning to peak out and now today they are covered in snow. And we were going to plant our Winter garden tomorrow. It's probably a little early yet, but we were going to give it a try and see what happens. I guess we might have to wait another week or two.

The boys were so cute today. Curious George was helping me with the vacuuming. He loves to vacuum the house for me. Afterward he always comes and grabs my arm and says, "Look at your nice clean house, Mommy!" Then of course I have to ooh and aah at it. Really, it's not much cleaner than the way it was before he vacuumed it, but he likes to help so I let him. Today I looked up from washing the dishes and Jesse Bear was right next to his brother with one of those push-along luggage on wheels. He was pushing it just the way C was pushing the vacuum. It made me smile. Then later C went to get some blocks and J followed him and got another set. They both sat at the table with their individual sets of blocks playing together. What fun to have two little brothers that can play together!

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