Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Makeshift "Air" Hockey

Curious George came up with an activity this morning that was a lot of fun. I had gotten out some wide-mouth canning rings to show Jesse Bear how you can loop them over a bottle of water (which he loved). Curious George obviously wasn't as thrilled about that activity as J.B. so he came up with one of his own. He used one of the rings as a puck and started pushing the puck across the table with another ring. I played with him and we hit it back and forth. He loved it and I thought - who needs an air hockey set when you have a couple of canning rings? It worked great - the rings were just the right weight to fly across the table. Our table is pushed up against a wall and that helped to only have three sides where the puck could fly off. We had a great time! I'm going to have to remember this one on the next rainy day.

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Fern said...

What a fun idea! We may just have to try that maneuver for mutual one night!