Monday, January 31, 2011

A Day for the Books

Wow, what a day yesterday was. It started out normal. I woke up at 6:00. Exercised for 45 mins. Read my Scriptures for 10-15 minutes. Made breakfast. Hopped in the shower and came out and got C off to school.

Well when we got back I cleaned the bathroom, started the laundry (I knew I had a lot) and then played with J for a little while. Switched laundry to dryer and threw another load in. Then J really wanted to go on a date with me so we went on a walk around the block until it was time to pick up C from school. C's teacher said that C had a bit of trouble at school and had had to go to the office. So I was not happy about that. We walked home and C decided that he would miss out on his computer time as the consequence. Got home and I was practicing the piano when I heard fighting over toys. Sent C to his room and came back J's nose is bleeding all over the carpet. Flew him into the bathroom to clean up, dripping blood all over myself and bathroom floor (yes that I had just cleaned that morning). Got the bleeding stopped, cleaned the bathroom. Stripped off all the clothes and soaked and sprayed and soaked and scrubbed till blood was mostly gone. Threw clothes in washer. Went and scrubbed carpet. Blood stains were not coming out. Scrubbed more. Finally decided to use carpet cleaner (thank goodness for the carpet cleaner!). Vacuumed living room & hallway carpet first and then carpet cleaned over and over the spot till the blood stain finally came out. Carpet cleaned the rest of the living room and hall way cause I had it out already. Threw another load of laundry in. Made lunch for boys and sat down to eat and rest a minute. Few minutes later I hear "Mom J peed all over the bathroom." Ran in, sure enough. Clean the bathroom for the 3rd time. Stripped clothes off the culprit and threw in another load of laundry. Finally sent the boys outside to play so there'd be no more messes. Quiet for an hour. C comes running in. "Mom, I slipped on my scooter and a nail poked my hand." Great. Thoughts of tetanus and lock-jaw run through my head. Call the doctor. Nurse says he's fine since he had a tetanus shot recently. Phew. Boys go back outside for a few minutes. Boys come in for a snack. In the other room I hear, "Mom, J had another accident - in the kitchen this time." Went in and sure enough. Stripped more clothes off the culprit and threw in another load of laundry. Clean the kitchen floor. Homework time. C does homework & piano lessons. We work on a Humpty Dumpty costume for his kindergarten nursery rhyme time tomorrow. Make dinner. eat. Family Home evening. Send the boys to bed....phew.

So in summary, I cleaned the bathroom 3 times, did 8 loads of laundry, clean-up a bloody nose, shampooed the carpet from the bloody nose, Cleaned up 2 potty training accidents, bandaged a wound & freaked out about tetanus on top of all the other normal stuff. Oh and I failed to mention that in the morning some computer scammer called me to try to fix the error messages that my computer was "sending him". YEAH RIGHT! Anyway, that was quite a day. Today is much better already. How could it not be right?

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Wow! What can I say more?