Monday, January 24, 2011

Exercise with Kids

On Saturdays we have started doing family work projects that start around 8:30 (or later if we sleep in - the kids have been sleeping in till like 8:00 now so that's nice). Anyway lately we've been just picking a room in the house and "deep clean" or "spring clean" it. This last weekend we did our room and I am so amazed at what a difference a clean room makes - it sparkles! I love it. While we were cleaning I said, "Wow, this room is really dusty!" as I was wiping off a thick coat of dust off the shelves. Then Curious George says "that's what happens when you don't clean it." :) He is very attentive to those things and he's right. We definitely won't wait a whole year to do it again! :)

Later we wanted to get some exercise, but we couldn't decide what to do. The racket ball courts were all full and we thought that would probably not be such a good idea any with all 4 of us in a little racquetball court with a ball flying around - especially with a certain individual who will remain unnamed but has a tendency to get out of control with these things... The swimming pool was being used for a swim meet. We thought jogging sounded so BORING! So anyway, we finally decided to play this penny game that we used to play as newly weds. You go to a building with a lot of stairs - a lot meaning like 10 flights or so. The building we used had 12! You walk to the top (Yes, all 12 flights - this is about getting exercise after all). Then everyone has a penny with a different year on it. The goal is to drop the penny down the center of the stairwell and see whose penny gets down to the bottom with the least number of drops and whose penny made it down the farthest. So you run up and down the stairs and don't even notice you're getting exercise because you're having so much fun. It's really fun with kids - they loved it. Jesse Bear got a little tired and Brandon carried him for a lot of the way. The poor little guy was completely worn out by the end of the night and fell asleep in the car on the way home. Both kids slept REALLY good that night! And after going up and down 12 flights of stairs 4 1/2 times my calves are REALLY sore!

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