Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life as We Know It

Life is moving on. I sometimes sit back and wonder how I could possibly have a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old. It just seems like it goes by so fast. CG is halfway through kindergarten - the 100th day of kindergarten is next Friday!! We met with his teacher and he is doing very well. Making huge progress. He is in his own reading group. Right now he is reading the Magic Tree House series and LOVES it! He can't get enough of those books. He finished 4 just over the weekend. He loves to just sit down and relax with a book and read it.

JB is growing up too. He and CG play so well together now. They are best friends most of the time. When they aren't getting along they say, "You aren't my best friend" and storm off. It's kind of funny. J is back in gymnastics with his "gymnastics-mates", but I think he has outgrown that phrase. Today I said "Are you ready to see your gymnastics-mates?" and he said, "You mean gymnastics friends?" I said, "Oh yeah, right." sad :(

The other day the boys were playing hide and go seek with the neighbor boy who comes over after school every day. Somehow they had a miscommunication about who was "it" and they all went and hid. It was quiet for a long time...probably about 10 minutes before they caught on to the fact that they were all hiding. It made me laugh.

We took the boys bowling yesterday for C's and B's day off. I wondered how well it would work, but they loved it. C even got a spare right at the very end. J did very well too - actually I'm embarrassed to say that he was beating me for the first 5 rounds. ;) We of course had the bumpers up and the balls were so heavy that they could barely push them down the alley, but they loved it. C has been talking about how fun it was ever since. We'll definitely have to do that again.

We went sledding last Saturday with the kids and found what we thought would be this really great hill. Turns out it was a little too steep and 3 out of the 4 of us crashed and C had what Brandon calls a "raspberry" on his face. So of course we had to find another one. We ended up finding this other hill that was soooo much fun - it was like a giant roller coaster ride - probably like 1/4 of a mile long - the longest sledding hill I've ever gone on. Brandon took the kids with him on it and I went on it a couple of times too. It was a blast.

Believe me when I say that life as we know it is not all fun & games. Of course those things are the highlights and always stand out to me and that's what I like to think about and talk about. My children are definitely the hardest and most enjoyable part of my life right now. It's kind of funny how that works. Without them life would be so boring. With them life is challenging, but rewarding. The daily grind - the cooking, the cleaning, the policing, the nursing, the stress and worry and everything - is all worth it, to see my children grow up into the people that I know they are.


Trisha said...

All of my kids loved those books!

Where is this long sledding hill?

Heather said...


It's real close to our house - just barely north. It's kind of tucked away up near the mountain - we needed the truck to get up there, but it was a blast.