Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Americans Have Lived Beyond their Means Long Enough

At this time of economic crisis it's really easy to point fingers at who is to blame. Some claim it's the federal government's fault. Some blame it on the housing lenders. Most of us aren't willing to admit that we as an American people have been altogether too rash in our spending on every level. Greed has plagued the market from the top of of the government ladders all the way down to the basic family unit. Living beyond our means has caught up to us and we will be paying for it in the years to come.

It used to be that wealth was measured, in part, by what one owned. In general, people who were rich dressed better, ate better, owned more and lived in bigger homes. Today, this is no longer the case. In our day, we have seen how the convenience of credit cards and the ease of obtaining housing and consumer loans has blurred status lines. People who make $40K/year can now live in mansions, drive expensive cars, eat at costly restaurants and wear expensive clothing all purchased with credit cards and loans. Greed has led us to believe we must have everything that anyone else has in order to be happy, and we must have it right now.

The American people need to reinstate the basics of wise economic practices. To put it simply, we need to spend less than we earn. It is our opinion that government Band-Aids will not really solve the problems we face right now. In the end, the American people need to solve this crisis. We can start in our own families. We can discipline ourselves to pay of debts and spend less than we earn, no matter how much that is.

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