Friday, November 21, 2008

Are We Prepared?

I've thought a lot about preparedness lately. Many of you probably have also. With the drastically fluctuating economy, it's easy to see how anything could happen and it could happen fast. Peace comes by being prepared for whatever lies ahead. In our church, our leaders have counseled us to be prepared. A great resource for helping you become prepared is: We've used this website numerous times. It contains helpful information about:
  • Family Home Storage - information about storing food and water. On this site you can calculate how much your family will need for a time period you select (a month, three-months or more). Also there is information about how how long food stores and where to go to obtain it. This is an excellent resource!
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response - information about preparing for an emergency or disaster and what to do in an emergency.
  • Employment - helpful information about finding a job and job links.
  • Family Finances - good information about avoiding debt and using a budget.
  • Social and Emotional Strength - overcoming additions, coming challenges that face families including divorce, parenting issues and pornography.
  • Physical Health - Information about exercise & fitness, nutrition & diet and medical care.
This is just a few of the highlight of this wonderful website. Let's seek to become prepared for what lies ahead in all aspects of our life.

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