Monday, November 17, 2008

Optimistic Thoughts in Troubled Times

This morning I opened up yesterday's paper (I was running a day behind) and began perusing headlines. I don't know if yesterday was just a downer news day or what, but it was a little discouraging. These are some of the words & phrases I read:
  • Economic Meltdown
  • Protest
  • Havoc
  • Racist Threats
  • Prospects Dim
  • Tragedy Endures
  • Struggling
  • Failing
  • Making Matters Worse
  • Confidence Wanes
Almost every news story had one of those phrases in it. These are hard times! And if we read or listen to the news it is shoved in our face every day. Although it's important not to be naive to the negative things that are going on in the world, I don't think we should surround ourselves with it.

I try to put on filtered lenses as I read the paper or hear the news these days. Of course I still see the bad, but I try to look for the good. Here's what I found when I read today's paper:
  • Winds Calming
  • Big Boom
  • Rebuild America
  • Fresh Vision
  • Brighter America
  • Develop Courage
Let's focus on the brighter, rebuilding and booming America. Let's develop courage and fresh vision. These are hard times, but the future is bright.


NoSurfGirl said...

I sure hope so!

I'm not pessimistic, I don't think. Just wary and trying to prepare. And enjoying every day's wonderful moments. :)

I don't, however, read newspapers anymore. I stopped about four years ago. Motherhood has ruined me for newspaper reading. I'm sure you know what I mean.

Heather said...

I have to admit, my favorite section in the newspaper I read is the cooking section. :) I love to try out new recipes. I used to do the crosswords every day (it was a good thinking time for me), but I don't have time anymore. I do like reading about the positive things that are going on in the world though.