Thursday, November 6, 2008

We are grateful...

This is the month of Thanksgiving. Here are a few things that we are grateful for today:
  • be Americans, living in this beautiful free country.
  • ...for the election process where the people can vote according to their consciences.
  • ...that the marriage propositions in California, Florida and Arizona passed and traditional marriage will be preserved.
  • ...for good, kind folks who have spoke out against bigotry and untruthful slander:
    Ruth Youth
    Values Advocacy Council, the Rock Church, Association of Christian Schools International
  • ...for truth and righteousness that still abounds in this country.
  • ...for peace and prosperity that Americans have. We are so blessed!
  • ...for our Heavenly Father and his watchful care over all of us.
We are optimistic about the future and pray that God will bless the new leadership of this country. The election is over and it's time now to unite as a country to make our nation the best that it can be!

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